Ignace BRAL | legal advisor in Brussels, Belgium |

Outside General Counsel

When you have no inhouse legal support

Small businesses and start-ups often lack the budget to hire an in-house counsel or are organized in such a way that an in-house legal team is not appropriate. Even more established businesses might choose not to have an in-house counsel due to cost considerations and the inherent difficulty of managing complex legal issues without the larger staff offered in a law firm environment.

I understand both such situations, where a company struggles with the desire to have seasoned legal counsel “in-house”. I therefore help businesses bridge the gap by offering my services as an "outsourced in-house counsel", advising on the day-to-day operations, participating in meetings, responding to specific requests for advice on general corporate matters, drafting, reviewing and/or negotiating contracts, and even managing litigation.

Alternative billing

I provide these services hourly on demand, but also through alternative billing structures such as monthly all-inclusive retainers and project-based flat fees.

Please give me a call if an “outsourced in-house counsel” can help give your business that competitive advantage you need to grow and succeed. 

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