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Legal Interim Management

Legal Interim Management (LIM) is the temporary provision of legal management resources and skills for a period of transition, crisis or change within a business. Businesses may face situations of varying kinds that trigger the need for LIM: an overload of work, a company crisis, employees suddenly resigning or going on leave or sabbatical, special projects, the restructuring or audit of a company, growing demand for specific legal services due to mergers or acquisitions, international expansion, regulatory changes, transformational projects or a pure and simple (though nonetheless complex) sudden peak in legal needs.

In all of these cases, seamless external help is required, but top corporate and practicing lawyers can be hard to find or expensive. I offer my fast and cost-effective Legal Interim Management service as a solution to this situation. The success of my LIM service lies in its simplicity and flexibility.

I have experience as a Legal Interim Manager in various industry sectors and areas of the law. I will always get acquainted with your business quickly and easily and will always display the necessary involvement.

Please click here to find an overview of the companies where I have completed in-house assignments, often for long periods exceeding 8 months, reinforcing the legal departments or sometimes replacing the EMEA General Counsel.